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 “I Taste” is a genre-defying Halloween-inspired track, blending elements of ’80s inspired house, electro-pop, indie dance and dubstep, to tell the tale of a wanton vampiress who enjoys the chase of new blood.

Kristin Allen-Farmer, aka Dream Tonic, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, singer, arranger and producer. As a classically trained pianist with an appetite for dance music, Dream Tonic’s style of approaching composition is an eclectic blend of two seemingly diverse worlds.

Dream Tonic’s musical work is both dreamy and gritty. With breathy, ethereal vocals riding over the top of lush, warm pads and heavy subs, her music embraces you in a cocoon of sound. She is excited to release her first-ever single with a lot more music just around the corner.


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