The singer songwriter Adam James uplifts his masterful lyricism with a gorgeous chord progression. Weaving between modes and decorating the track with glimmering extensions, James subtly — and intentionally — uses instrumentation to guide the storytelling process. Airy keys, colorful acoustic guitar, and energetic drums bring the track to life.

James perfected the sunny, california-esque sound embodied by this project in partnership with producer Max Allyn. The two worked together 5 days every week during a two month period in which they bounced ideas back and forth until they ultimately created a project that fit James’ vision. Though working through zoom presents it’s challenges, the team worked together effortlessly to build this record from the ground up.

This project represents a tremendous undertaking for the singer-songwriter in which he committed to focusing on his career in an unfamiliar way. James has participated in a variety of projects throughout his journey as a musician, and for him, this collection of records is the first time he is investing in himself as a solo artist free of restrictions.

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