R&B singer-songwriter NEZI opens up about her struggles with her vulnerable, motivational single So Hard out now. The artist delivers this project – a reflection of her adversity – with raw and relatable lyrics accompanied by a smokey, classic R&B sound.

As individual suffering from depression, NEZI took it upon herself to let her feelings of distress fuel the creation of this masterpiece. This single is meticulously crafted with clever melodies, decadent harmony, and a clear message told with undeniable honesty. So Hard has caught the attention of major publications, landing placements on Apple Music’s “Breaking R&B” playlist as well as Barack Obama’s 2021 Summer Playlist.  

Lo-fi guitar serves as the foundation for this track, lending delicate, colourful instrumentation that caresses NEZI’s buttery vocals. In addition, haunting backing vocals highlight the melody while providing an enticing element of melancholy on their own. The vocal arrangement of this track provides a sonic manifestation of the heavy-hearted nature of depression in which listeners can empathize with the lyrical content while relishing in the sombre, yet punchy production. Beyond the instrumentation and vocal arrangement heard in So Hard, NEZI uses this opportunity to release her feelings of heartache in a cathartic showcase of passion and pain; the singer delivers an incredibly emotional, yet polished performance.

The singer-songwriter took charge of the concept and melodies and collaborated with her manager and audio engineer, Alexis “AlexisEngineers” Cunningham to complete the lyrics in the second verse of So Hard. Upon hearing the beat for the single, NEZI found herself reflecting on her grief. “Just write how you feel,” she thought to herself, and soon after, she allowed the truth of her experience to come to life through these raw lyrics. This gem fully developed into the final product with collaboration from producer Donavelo.

So Hard, though the perfect track for any vibe, is the quintessential ‘bad day’ type of song we find ourselves listening to when the world feels the most against us; music like this allows fans experiencing similar feelings of sadness to feel comforted and seen. Beyond that, knowing that someone as glamorous and talented as NEZI also has her bad days makes getting up and brushing yourself off just a little bit easier. 

Brooklyn-based, R&B singer-songwriter, NEZI has been honing her talent for the past few years. NEZI is from Chicago, IL by way of Pine Bluff, AR, and moved to New York to pursue her music career. NEZI first fell in love with music while growing up on the Southside of Chicago in her mom’s apartment at the age of 6. Some of her musical influences are Brandy, Monica, Toni Braxton, Jazmine Sullivan, and Mya.