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Alana Sukul is an exciting, new-on-the-scene artist emerging from South West London. With parents hailing from the Caribbean, she has grown up surrounded by the influences from her culture that she has interpreted into her image, musical style and character, while also blending in the vibe of hip-hop culture.

Although she is often perceived as a soulful R&B artist, she refuses to be identified as fitting into any single genre and instead experimenting with a variety of sounds and styles such as her current favourite, R&B-tinged funk-pop.

Similarly known for unapologetically breaking stereotypes within her style, Sukul has been studying music for eight ongoing years and she began to create music at the age of 16. Using it to speak up against mental health issues and the toll it can take on a person, she writes music for those unable or unwilling to express their emotions but can do so vicariously through listening to her music. Growing up, the right music for Sukul had been her therapy and she aspires to do the same for others.

After removing her previous work in search of a fresh start, Alana Sukul began recreating her sound at the age of 18 in the lockdown, all from the sanctuary of her bedroom. Her goal is to give a voice to those who need it, in the most positive way possible.

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