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Hailing from the ‘Great White North’, LOR is a proud child of Toronto’s vast, varied and ever-growing music scene. A melting pot of various sounds, flavours and cultures, Toronto is awash with inspiration at every corner.

Yet despite this, LOR still considers her life to be the greatest influence on her music and songwriting, finding a healthy, creative outlet to be a great way of overcoming and understanding difficult and emotional situations. Confident, resilient and versatile, LOR is here to make her mark on the industry with honest, raw and real music.

Honest and introspective, ‘Sip’ sees LOR recall a difficult time in her past when a relationship with a partner who suffered from alcoholism began to have a negative impact on their relationship, and her as a partner and a human being. Written from LOR’s intimate, personal perspective ‘Sip’ invites the listener into a deeper and darker side of LOR and her songwriting as she admits to allowing the chaos to continue. Gentle piano chords and simplistic ukelele melody give the track a super intimate, almost acoustic feel – the perfect backdrop for LOR’s sweet-yet-eerie vocals.

LOR is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter who is fresh off the back of her incredible debut. After cutting her teeth singing in the bar circuit, she teamed up with producer SLWJMZ (Sean Leon, Freddie Gibbs) and vocal producer Nevon Sinclair (Daniel Caesar, LOONY) to create a unique blend of Dark Pop, Folk, and R&B. Inspired by artists like Britney Spears and My Chemical Romance, LOR juxtaposes her airy yet soothing voice with raw and twisted lyrics based on true, lived experiences. She beautifully guides you through pain, love, loss, and everything in between.

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Born in Toronto’s east end, LOR has no shortage of things to write about. Growing up in an unstable household where both parents were rarely around forced her to figure out life on her own.

Raised mostly by her single Guyanese mother, LOR moved around a lot as a child, eventually settling in Burlington, ON. About 300 miles away, she would spend summers with her dad on his farm outside of Ottawa. A musician in his own right, her Scottish/Mohawk father gave LOR her first guitar when she was 9 and she was hooked immediately.

As she got older, LOR turned to songwriting as a way of processing things she had gone through. A broken home, substance abuse, and toxic relationships would all play a role in forming her gut-wrenching lyrical style.


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