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Rhea Deléo is an emerging dream pop/alt-pop music artist based in Atlanta, GA.

Releasing her debut independently produced 5-track EP “Everything”. These introspective songs speak to the light and dark facets of one’s own heart, the alacrity of love, the desire for purpose, the venture for happiness despite inner fears, and, finally, the learning of self-reliance.

“Everything” is a musical diary of sorts…set to atmospheric instrumentation, painted with colourful Lo-fi, Soft rock, and Chill-hop elements.

Rhea released her single, “Mad”. Written by Deléo and co-produced with her friend, Simon Hewson, the dark tone and dreamy instrumentation is the perfect follow-up release to, “Walk Away”. Faithful Instagram, YouTube and Facebook followers describe Rhea as “One of the most dynamic personalities you’ll ever come across in a young artist… fearless, wildly creative… marches to the beat of her own drum… has an incredibly strong sense of self.”

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