Formed in the grey-green understory of Olympia, WA, Heat Shimmer is a three-piece known for its fuzzy-edged, lilting melodies contrasted with raucous upheavals of noise and rhythm.

After an exploratory self-titled album, the group came fully into their own sound with their 2018 EP “Skelly”, blending insidiously catchy indie pop and haunting vocal melodies with gnarled strands of punk and noise rock weaved throughout.

Heat Shimmer recently thundered back into existence with their new single “BRAIN IN A SKULL”, a completely DIY production unearthing the grim and illusory core of the group’s aesthetic in an exquisitely produced music video of the same title.

The group have recently entered a new phase of writing and seem to be coming into an artistic stride that reaches deeper into the softness and beauty of our collective existential mystery… mortality, odious and magical transitions, and the alluring knotwork that ties together sight and sound.

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