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Long Island-based duo, The Feels release their brand new debut single, ‘Your Mind’.

Blending all of their musical influences to craft a beautifully raw pop-esque track, The Feels credit disco-pop megastar, The Weeknd as their main inspiration – and there are certainly some similarities between the two acts. The duo also pulled influence from icons of the sound such as Michael Jackson. Encompassing pop, funk, and alternative music into this track, ‘Your Mind’, is a poppy dance-driven single with an undeniable groove.

The concept for The Feels was to create music that will lift souls and induce dancing. Their goal is to create music that moves people to ‘feel’ something – and this is how they got their name. Members Danny and Andy started conceptualizing The Feels at the beginning of 2020, through the pandemic, and the group has been involved with music creation for their entire lives.

Danny Ayala is a graduate in music composition, former rock and roll band member of The Lemon Twigs, current touring member of rock band Sunflower Bean, and has had his own project Dr. Danny and the Patients. Andy Ballereau brings his technical know-how and production background to the party. Danny’s voice and natural star power is elevated by the production and swagger of producer/collaborator Andy B, who provides the stoic cool to Danny’s bombast.


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