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Those places and times in your life where you felt like you were working for something bigger than yourself, or at least you thought you might be, and the futility of chasing such a feeling, when, probably, you never really felt that way in the first place.

Grief and loss teach us that everything is transient and immaterial. But somewhere in us we often have a nostalgia for the time when things meant something. When the struggle had an end goal, it was concrete, and it was palpable. I find myself hoping that somewhere, at the end of all this, we still have something to stand on. 

In a video directed by Esther Shpigelman, a man speeds down a country road with no real destination in sight. All the while, a passenger stares out the rear passenger window. Their relationship is unclear but they’re connected by the song and maybe the necessity of the road. There’s certainly no separating them, now.

“Phantom Limbs” is the second track of a living album entitled Bodieswith each song having to do with a body part or concept that relates to the human body or the abstraction of the body through time and space and memory – of the things we build and cultivate in our lives and that are therefore parts of ourselves.

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