“Schönsee” harkens back to simpler times in a not-so-simple world. It’s the final single from our new sophomore record, Just the Hits.

Produced by Zane Whitfield (The Glorious Sons, Sarah Harmer), this triumphant 90s rock anthem sparkles and uplifts, as it reminds us of our resilience as humans, and that sunnier days are always around the corner. We dedicate it to all of our grandparents, who worked so hard to give us a better life.

“Schönsee” means beautiful lake, named after the Russian-Mennonite colony in ode to drummer Katrin Sawatzky’s ancestors, who made the Great Trek across Europe by caravan to escape religious persecution in WWII.

Prominently featuring the voice and songwriting of Katrin, who sings in both German and English, this song builds upon the German lullaby often sung to Katrin as a child, telling the story of curiosity, resilience, fear and hope for a better life.

“Schönsee” summons an inner feeling of safety and peace when the world around you feels chaotic. The feeling of triumph after the tribulation. The elation of making it out alive.


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