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During one of the most difficult times in our generation, The Forty Twos, found themselves channelling their energy and passion into something new and meaningful.

The uncertainty of not only music but the world around them eventually helped to push their creative endeavours ahead in 2021. The Forty Twos, who hail from the heartland, have hard work and perseverance engraved in their souls. Evident in their debut single “Karma,” the group displays a new chapter in their lives and music, as they start to unfold the ‘why’ of how it came to be.

“The song kind of goes through a rollercoaster of emotions; some moments are memories of bad times or bad things you’ve done. Listen long enough to the song and you’ll hear the positive message underneath. Getting knocked down and getting back up is one of the most gratifying experiences in life!” – The Forty Twos

“Karma” is filled with heart-stopping drums that are surrounded by vibrant and echoing guitar melodies. Bringing a sound both raw and accessible the band cranks the volume up to 11 creating an explosion of sound. In a world of disconnection and distraction, The Forty Twos bring people together while connecting them with their emotion-filled sound. They create almost a spiritual vibe around the band and their music. “Karma” is only the beginning of their journey into the new world. Overall the upcoming songs have not only helped the band heal their wounds but seek to help listeners find solace in their own way through their experiences.

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The Forty Twos are Colton Menke, Lance Deshane, Ryan Housenga, and Adam Housenga. The video was directed and edited by Elijah Alvarado, co-directed by Max Gerega, with assistant director Alexandra Geregova and director of photography Yakub Films.


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