The new track from IMBER, “Familiar Faces” was inspired by moving to a city from living in the countryside.

“One thing I noticed from moving somewhere completely new was that I was meeting people that reminded me of my friends from home,” the artist says. “Sometimes it’s the way they looked or in the way they would act, it was this that inspired the lyrics for ‘Familiar Faces’ because these strangers were helping me feel at home in a place that was unknown.”

“In the production, I used field recordings I found walking down the streets of Bristol that I used throughout the song to give it an urban vibe.”

IMBER is the solo project of Bristol musician and producer Ben Imber. IMBER’s sound combines electronic influences with intimate vocals and funky percussive guitar. Since the release of his debut single “Fall Over,” the project has received radio play from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, placing 7th in the Amazing Radio chart and selected as track of the week for BBC Introducing in the West. The release was also remastered to Vinyl for the 64th edition of Vinyl Moon’s compilation album.

“Precise vocals and production give Ben Imber a meticulous feel. Every drum hit and plucked guitar string feels necessary.”

Vinyl Moon

“Filled with delicate resonances and black-shimmering percussions, his harmonies explore contrasts with irresistible elegance. A puzzle with a slender groove and delicious swings, this first title invites you to an ethereal escape. So, without a doubt, IMBER slips into artists to cherish and furiously follow.”

Pause Musicale

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