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Oregon-born, California-based AUSTN introduced the world to his powerful vocal range and deeply heartfelt songwriting in 2019.

Quickly amassing a dedicated fanbase, the 19-year-old is known for his sophisticated sensibilities and alt-pop-leaning sound. Naming Julia Michaels among his main inspirations, AUSTN ultimately brings a far greater depth to his songwriting, exploring a whole world of emotions as he draws from his recent experience in life and love. 

Originally from rural Central Oregon, AUSTN began singing as a small child. His vocal chops are especially striking considering that, for the first four years of his life, AUSTN struggled with significant hearing problems that led him to respond to vibrations and rhythms rather than sound. After undergoing surgery to restore his hearing, AUSTN kept up with singing, eventually learning to play the ukulele and posting massively popular videos. As he built up a major following, AUSTN moved to Los Angeles and fully devoted himself to music. 

His latest single “Touch” focuses on the thrill of new love. With emotion pouring out into the song, we feel a sense of both fear and excitement seeping through the production and flooding it with the mixed emotions that you experience when catching new feelings. Rooted in a vibrant, funk-electro pop sound, this fresh soundscape brings a dewy and irresistible, youthful energy. The muffled guitar emits a rich pop chord pattern, oozing with a dance-worthy movement, the guitar is contoured in a subtle melancholy. The track moves into a more upbeat digital vibe with stunning whirling synths and tight drums laced in a highly rhythmic under-groove. Taking in sounds from Sia and Post Malone, “Touch” has an unrestrained pop element moving fluidly and freely, mixing into a fusion of beat focused production and poignant ear pricking moments. The songwriter shares, “For this song in particular I wanted to go in a direction that sounded more, dark yet upbeat, kinda edgy and a little mysterious.”

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Austin’s music has been included in coveted playlists across Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, as well as having been featured on Amazon Music’s 2019 Artists To Watch list. With his songs nearing the 100 million streams mark on Spotify alone, it’s evident that AUSTN is quite simply a force to be reckoned with.


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