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The Sheffield band’s first original music in over six years, the track arrives as the lead single of their upcoming new album: ‘Impermanence’ – due for release on 22 January 2022.

From the electrostatic charge of its atmospheric beginnings to the thunderous maelstrom that erupts at its climax, “Ruins” is a twisting 8-minute odyssey of knife-edge tension and cinematic execution. Strictly instrumental in composition, as is in the band’s nature, the song was one of the first to be recorded as Gilmore Trail began writing what would become their new album. As the band explain: 

“The opening sections of ‘Ruins’ were written during a time in which we were reduced to a three-piece band. The name of the song and the temperament of the music (particularly the free-falling nature of the song’s ending) reflects the mindset of the band at the time as we searched for a replacement drummer. Thankfully, we found Bob Brown, who brought a fresh new dynamic in both musical background and personality.”

Having amicably parted ways with drummer Sam Ainger right at the beginning of the recording process, the appointment of his replacement Bob Brown would also set the trajectory and tone for their new album. 
‘Impermanence’ is the long-awaited follow up to 2015’s ‘The Floating World’ and it will be released via the Gilmore Trail’s own Chasmata Records imprint on 21st January 2022. Arriving 10 years into their career, the album will also complete a trilogy of full-length studio releases from the band. 

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A record ultimately about change, transition and uncertainty,  the seven tracks of ‘Impermanence’ each respond to these core underlying themes, with its instrumental songs inspired by legacy, family, history, philosophy and the natural world. 

Sailing with the winds of change, ‘Impermanence’ is also the Trail’s first record to feature an array of official guest appearances. Sally Blyth (a sound practitioner in Sheffield), provides hypnotic singing bowls signatures on the 10-minute epic “Distant Reflection”; whereas Martin Archer (the owner of Discus Music), gifts the breathtaking “Echoes of Solitude” with haunting saxophone undulations. 

With all music written and performed by Gilmore Trail, the album was recorded by Danny Mills at Chasmata Studios (Sheffield) in 2019. Mixed by Mills with Joe Richards, it was given its final mastering by Lawrence Mackrory at Obey Mastering (Sweden) the following year. Joe Richards provided initial field recordings of the tracks “Echoes of Solitude” and “Nocturne”.

A record that finds a band uncompromisingly true to their natural identity, yet embracing change for all the goodness it can bring, ‘Impermanence’ is the sound of Gilmore Trail in evolution and taking flight. Lead single: “Ruins” is out now. 


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