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Gilles Jan Petersen aka Laszlo Jones is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer born in Beirut from a Dutch and Hungarian father and a Lebanese mother. 

His childhood was punctuated by many travels, following the expatriations of his parents, and gave him an exalted taste for adventure, discovery and freedom. And freedom seems to be the word that best describes Laszlo’s music, and himself as an artist 

Laszlo has been in many bands from his teens to adulthood, – in every country he has lived in – from rock to metal, from Bangkok to Beirut. Later, he co-founded one of the first music branding agencies in France, and developed brand music there. He then founded a production company and produced albums and movie scores. 

Laszlo is first and foremost a music composer and he lets himself be guided by all 5 senses, his critical but joyful view of the world, and his remarkable appetite for freedom, to achieve exquisite songwriting, which is his strength. 

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He describes his work as a quest for remarkable melodies, unforgettable lyrics, and a unique sound. And it’s true, Laszlo’s sound is unique, and it displays the strength of a mastered alloy – power pop/soul songs tainted with rock, metal and electro. He has explored this sound for a long time, especially since his return to Beirut in 2018. 

And it was with his friend, producer and bassist Michael Buyens (The Gathering / Eric Serra / Atrocity / Life Of Agony) – in Paris that he started to work on his for his new project “Beyond the Door”, surrounding himself with an international cast like drummer Ralph Salmins (ABBA, Madonna / Quincy Jones / Lady Gaga) , Argentinian arranger Marcos Barilari, New York pianist Michael Arrom (Steve Vai), all mixed by Kane Churko (In this Moment, 5 Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Skillet, Disturbed) at “the hideout” studio in Las Vegas. 

This EP, composed of 5 tracks that all deal with Death – inevitable – from hallucinatory perspectives. We discover the universe of Laszlo Jones, a futuristic, dark world, tinged with rage and a certain realism. He invites us on a sensory journey, in a setting as poetic as it is violent, where he consciously mixes the authentic beauty of the images with the chilling sensation they provide. 

In the end, it’s as if Laszlo Jones was composing music for his own mental movies. His inspiration does not know the formats; it is free, like him.


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