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Leading up to their album, We Can Make The World Glow, Sticky Fingers continue to deliver new music to their loyal and growing fanbase. Unveiling their Double-A-Side, Sticky Fingers drop “Saves The Day,” a song of self-reflection and growth and the haunting “My Rush” which speaks about addiction, overdose and the mental health struggles that come with it. 

Man landed on the moon. Ancient Rome conquered the world. Sticky Fingers formed a band. One theory suggests the reason for all of the above was to impress a lady. Whether or not that’s true who knows and who fucking cares. “Saves the Day” is about writing a song for a girl only to find she doesn’t dig the music. “Wasted my song, she doesn’t get music.” However, writing it wasn’t all for nothing though. In fact, it led to a whole bunch of important self-reflection to help realise why this lover in question may not be into it… 

“I’m looking at the re-runs, I was acting like a dog.” Cornwall confides, “Spending a year off the piss and the gear has been hard work that I’m pretty proud of. You find yourself with a real clear headspace looking into the past. There’s a lot of bitter pills to swallow looking back on the way I’ve behaved when I’ve been messed up. Picking fights and being a Gronk. ‘Saves the Day is about the importance of confronting your past and coming to terms with it. ‘I said I’m sorry sister for the damage I have done, I said I’m sorry Mumma for what I’ve become. It was one of those songs that came out of nowhere. Sunny arvo at Seamus’ house. Bashed it out in under half an hour. These kinds of songs are often my favourite.” 

“My Rush” is a clear indication of the band’s ever-evolving sound. Five albums in and there are no signs of laziness in their music. Constantly striving for something new and exciting, that’s exactly what you get with this track. Sonically and thematically darker, “My Rush” was written during a bad time for Frost. Struggling with his health, out came the lyric, “I could wake up in the ward dripping EpiPens.” Cornwall shares, “A wave of darkness hit the room. Though it felt like the right lyric it didn’t make us feel good recording it …. A couple of hours later Diz overdosed and wound up in the hospital. Not the kinda voodoo shit you wanna predict while writing music. We stopped the sessions at Dizzy’s joint after that. Too damn spooky. My Rush as a whole is a damn spooky song really. ‘How dark does the rabbit hole go?’….P.S Diz came out okay he’s still nuts as ever but he’s here and singing like a champion on this one.” 

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With over 1.5 billion streams across DSPs, Sticky Fingers are the top 5 most streamed Australian artists from 2016-2019. With a dedicated fan base across the globe, the band have sold out Qudos Arena (Syd.), Riverstage (Brisb.), Fonda Theatre (LA), Brixton Academy (London), Fillmore (SF) and many more.