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The story of ‘five hundred days’, begins with the end of love as they knew it.

Fingerstyle acoustic guitar, atmospheric textures and transparently honest storytelling are what you will experience from Milan André Boronell’s music. Born and raised in Montréal to a Slovak mother and African American/Cuban father, Milan spent 8 years living in Toronto while getting his bachelors of music degree at Humber College. Since then, Milan has lived a nomadic life.

Between 2016 and 2020 Milan has lived in Toronto, London, Bratislava and Prague. In 2020, Milan released a 3 song EP titled ‘love&light’, produced by Kristofer Harris and Nathanael Graham of the UK. Milan and Harris met twice during the Covid-19 pandemic and together they produced his new album titled ‘five hundred days.’ out everywhere now.

A new home awaited him, one so colourful with the sound of nature’s melodies. drained by technology with a yearning for connection and a desperation to be seen, his inward journey begins with stages of grief and reflection.

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The subtle dance between holding on and letting go. Relentlessly dissecting his past while distorting his present. Aimlessly he wanders, hopeful, longing for what lies ahead. Endless questions with the same answer: patience.

Attaching to anything that flashes just a glimpse of what he wants and needs, but gently he continues to guide himself toward the light he’s always known within himself.


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