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Imogen Mahdavi may have grown up in humble beginnings, but the East Londoners music has been her escape into an optimistic future with her bright sound.

Her poetic songwriting is deeply connected to the feelings ‘we’ve all experienced and haven’t found the words to say out loud’ accompanied by a voice that is something truly unique.

Her soothing calm tone is both self-assured and easy to drift the night away with romanticism. Against the backdrop of soaring harmonies, the dream-pop singer has found her own lane carving a sound that is both sensual, strong, and incredibly original. In a new age of uplifting inclusivity, Imogen is confidently blending her Iranian heritage into western pop, drawing on dream-like vocal runs, riffs, and horns.

“Late Night Calls” is sensual, vulnerable and sexy. Revolving around heartbreak, the track is brooding and seductive, yet uplifted with unexpected sonics compelling you to dance, with Mahdavi revealing, “In some ways, I think I needed to cry it out and dance it out at the same time”. She continues, “It all felt so painful to write and yet all this energy came out in the songs. It’s like my mind didn’t know where I needed to be but my heart knew in a few months of healing I would want to dance and scream and smile again. I just trusted the process.”

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Without making any artistic compromises and featuring bold and sexy live horns, Mahdavi expresses,

“This is a really exciting era for me. It feels like the start of the artist I’ve been searching to become. Late Night Calls is my first real heartbreak record. I’ve always written about my relationship with myself, my loved ones, and happy romantic memories, but this year tested me. It’s about watching the person you love, moving on with someone new, literally a nightmare of happiness in front of me.”

Imogen has had tastemaker support from the likes of Official Spotify and APPLE editorial playlisting, BBC radio, USA radio, as well as publications like Clash, i-D, Earmilk and Wonderland Magazine.


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