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The independent Copenhagen-based pop artist is ‘Hanging in the Air’ on his new single out now. With jazzy notes, dusty horn sections and breakbeats, Freddy Madson creates an almost cinematic soundscape for his brutally honest story on how to regain faith and trust in yourself when everything seems lost.

Freddy Madson is the story of a young man who was high on life and the magic of the music he made but who ended up in a downward spiral of broken promises and distrust while chasing the dream. Left to his own devices, Freddy Madson went on a musical and personal hiatus – a needed self-examining journey into his mind.

“I think everyone knows what it’s like to feel imperfect or inadequate. Other people’s great expectations can suddenly become a massive burden in your life – and it literally dragged me down, creating an endless flow of irrational thoughts and unnecessary contemplation. It was the feeling of hanging in the air while racing for a new tomorrow but it was with the help from my closest ones, that I got back on track,” Freddy Madson tells.

‘Hanging in the Air’ is the brutally honest feelings of going through life in your 20’s – how you can try to run away from your problems finding out the only solution is to stop, turn and face them!

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The brand-new single by the Copenhagen-based independent artist is like a gentle breeze that pulls you into the storm. From the acoustic guitar intro, ‘Hanging in the Air’ only escalates with jazzy piano parts, dusty horn sections and captivating choir voices on a solid breakbeat, creating an almost cinematic soundscape for the catchy, alternative pop song.

“Even though the last couple of years is a total blur, everything seems clearer to me than ever before! Writing ‘Hanging in the Air’ has made me hopeful. And if you ever lose faith or trust in yourself remember that no one could stop you from doing whatever you want to do or to be exactly who you want to be. No one but yourself,” Freddy Madson concludes.

‘Hanging in the Air’ is written and recorded along with the critically acclaimed producer, Niels Christian Sommer, known for his work with Danish indie-pop outfit, Ganger, and the edgy R&B-pop artist, Summers.


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