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The hot new single, originally created by Kallithegreat, was originally released on February 19 2021.

The new hit single featuring Karleh Wilson was released January 7th, 2022, and since it has been released, it has received tons of incredible reviews and tremendous streaming activity on multiple platforms such as Pandora , Spotify Apple Music, and even YouTube, as well.

The new-on-the-scene artist Kallithegreat is on the rise with his latest Ep release, ( Broken Dreams ) which tells a deep, passionate story about betrayals, heartbreaks and love battles throughout his life. Kalli has not released any visuals yet for his music, but eventually, he will. The first video that’s been proposed has been “All Night”, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

“The single, ‘All Night,’ Is euphoric, yet sensational when it comes to sound; the lyrics are descriptive, but you can tell where the song is going. The collaborative vocals of Karleh are remarkable and brightened the song up more and gave it the best rhythmic feel. The song was just released without any promo because Kalli has always felt that his music would eventually attract the right crowd. This R&B track is what will set the mood for everyone come to Valentine’s Day every year. You can play this song for hours and never get tired of hearing it. Kalli and Karleh did an exceptional job on this beautiful masterpiece.” – Street Sounds

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