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With notes of jazz, pop and trip-hop, ’Blindsided’ tells the story of a one-sided love-euphoria and is the first-ever release by the 21-year-old independent artist. ‘Blindsided’ drops via AWAL. Agnes Rangel is most definitely “one to watch” for 2022!

Agnes Rangel seduces with her pristine, pure voice and a vulnerable touch on her almost shy melodies and songs. Here, there’s room for both a bubbling infatuation and angry jealousy but it is in this completely intimate space that honesty and feelings arise between herself and the listener.

‘Blindsided’ is the debut single by a young songwriter and musician who grew up listening to and playing the classical piano. But when she moved away from home and into her own, tiny 1-room flat where the grand piano didn’t fit, she eventually nicked her younger sisters’ toy guitar, taught herself to play chords and began to write her own songs…

In other words, music has always been a part of Agnes Rangel. With ‘Blindsided’ a new sound was explored and found – a sound that embraces her honest lyrical universe and a sound that makes her acoustic guitar and beloved piano stand out on a jazz-electronical soundscape with an energy of a long-lost trip hop-era. The theme of the song comes from her own bitter experience. Agnes tells:

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“The song is about a beautiful friendship and how a one-sided love-euphoria can mess up everything. About how, what was meant to be a declaration of love between best friends, became a final, brutal quarrel and a recurring nightmare of total confusion and excruciating pain. I wrote ‘Blindsided’ in the middle of the night with all these emotions circulating around inside my body. I recorded it the morning after.”

‘Blindsided’ is the debut single by the independent Danish-Swedish artist, distributed through AWAL. Agnes Rangel is currently working on the songs for an EP entitled, ‘Sexual Dependency’, expected to be released later this year.


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