Dead Menace, three brothers making alternative electronic pop. Influenced by the likes of The Prodigy, Noisy and The Chemical Brothers.

Kit, Jack and Dan’s Dance Routines EP blends sharp lyrics and bass-heavy beats, playing across the pop, dance and rave scene. The artwork for the EP is about just this – each of their auras free to play.

As brothers, they recognised the importance of being able to find their own path. Making the EP, they “enjoyed the space to be creative, to create sounds that were unexpected”. Music that came from truth, but also got you moving. “It’s the kind of music that lets you go inside yourself, to get psyched up and let the drama slip away, and have some fun”. To just “dance the night away” and feel the joy between you and this moment.

The guys have always creatively challenged each other. From shooting videos in their shared house over Lockdown to writing a bunch of songs that played with bouncier pop influences, to more bassey rave tunes, the trio used Lockdown to hone in on the essence of Dead Menace.

The EPs title track ‘Dance Routines’ nods to this sense of individuality; how these routines mirror the dynamics of social interaction, finding yourself suspended within the how and where you’re expected to fit in. ‘Moving to Japan’ is all about being in too deep when you’ve seen the red flags but walk straight on past them and instead get led by infatuation. Whist ‘Magnetic’ is all about the group coming up, upping their game and bringing the noise.

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