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“Fucking your like King Kong” is a silly song about a very serious sexual desire.

Being so loud and funny this song is about an extremely shy person, who has quite an imagination of sexual manipulations, but never makes a step to put it in life.

There are two of them. And It didn’t happen so many times that they absolutely lost track of failed attempts. It continues endlessly until the sweetest epilogue of this sex-breaking story. King Kong is back! Hooray!

Usually, I feel weird during zoom group sessions. I always have a funny desire to do something mad in front of the camera. I giggle all the time imagining what other people might do, if they are free to show their real selves. That’s how I found the idea for this video 😝

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The Ukrainian singer-songwriter even directed the video. Dripped in cool, calm charisma, it shows her with her two friends from first grade getting into all kinds of mischief. Her style is impossible to pigeonhole as it incorporates so many different genres. Though it lands somewhere along the spectrum of punk rap. This ultimately leads to a sound that’s simply oozing with originality and could not be imitated by anyone else.


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