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Soaked in the bright psychedelia of the 1960’s and dipped in the indie rock explosion of the new millennium, The Velveteins are best described as a bridge between the two.

Inspired after living out of a camper van on the beaches of Australia for a year, frontman Spencer Morphy returned to Canada and started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014. Later joined by Dean Kheroufi and Danger Sedmak, the foursome have since made a name for themselves for their incendiary live performances.

“Make It Through” is The Velveteins second single off their upcoming sophomore release. Recorded at producer Colin Stewarts studio in Victoria, Canada the track narrates a melancholy yet hopeful rumination about loss, representing a notably mellow departure from the band’s typical output.

Affected by the loss of a few close friends, the song embodies the natural process of trying to make sense of it; Morphy sings, “We didn’t make it but we’ll make it through.” Featuring a slow-paced beat, jangly guitars and an overall laid-back feel, “Make It Through” is a beautiful concoction of all the emotions felt during the grief and turmoil of losing important people.

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Garnering millions of streams for their music to date, The Velveteins have built an ever-growing, dedicated fan base across all corners of the globe. Their vigorous touring schedule has led to international festival appearances (SXSW, and The Great Escape) and opening slots for established acts including Wolf Parade, Hockey Dad and Chad Vangaalen.


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