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‘Club’ is your new favourite anti-popular banger! The Eurodance-inspired new single by the experimental punk-pop artist, Springer, takes on a theme of anxiety and adaptation in society. ‘Club’ is out on Beachy Records now.

Springer is a nuanced and modern musician who in a unique way creates music that combines the energetic nerve of punk with the catchy aesthetic of pop connected by electronic beats. Brand new single, ‘Club’, is the perfect example of his both savage and visionary mind.

“It’s an anti-popular pop song about detaching yourself from the anxiety of adaptation. Why would you sip fancy natural wines if you dig bubbly energy drinks? Why go to a party to say you were there if you just wanna stay in and be alone? Why say yes, if you wanna say no? This song is an invitation to join a club where you can be true to yourself. Everyone’s welcome but I do know, my Eurodance club banger is probably gonna make all the “cool kids” feel noxious,” Springer says. ‘Club’ also features the hip hop artist, Young Smash OTP.

Springer aka Jakob Emil Pedersen grew up as part of the Copenhagen punk-rock underground scene and was inspired by the environment, it’s still important for him to write music about society and its issues. Springer has finally found his place in experimental pop music led by his grandiose vocal and immediate raw power that is gonna stick to your brain.

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Last year, Springer released his debut EP, ‘Bad Choice’, from where the powerful single, ‘Protection’, was named “Track of the Week” on national Danish radio, P3. A long-awaited sophomore EP entitled, ‘Sleepwalk’, will follow the release of ‘Club’ later this Spring.

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