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Unimprint is the 6th single of the upcoming second full-length album ’To Kill A God’ available soon. A track deep-rooted with the understanding of mental health and the stigma that society puts on people who suffer.

“It’s about the fight we must put up against these negative representations on a problem which could be easily helped by a good social network and a positive attitude. In the video, we want to show how these stigmas slowly damage us and destroy us in the end no matter how hard we want to escape them. We wrote the song’s instrumental part during the height of the pandemic where we were in lockdown together.”

NEST OF PLAGUES is a band formed in July of 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. The band mixes heavier genres of metal like death metal, deathcore, groove metal, metalcore with different techniques of growling and melodic screaming/singing. The band also uses melodic guitar harmonies and a lot of sampler/keyboard and other electronics. Their first full-length album ‘End of the Comedy’ was released in January 2018. Since then they dropped 7 singles with music videos, toured in Hungary and managed to build a solid fanbase in the country.


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