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Founded in 2017, HÆCTOR forms a permanent fixture in the Hamburg music landscape.

For the fact that plans can change, the new single “Hearts” is the best example. The rousing uptempo pop-rock number is out now and is the last single from the debut album “Modern Urban Angst” to be released on June 10, 2022. In its context, the song, which tells of a naive but magical spirit of departure of a new relationship, of the escape from the all too often dreary everyday life of the grey city, fits in perfectly. And so “Hearts” is a love song after all – or not.

With “Hearts”, HÆCTOR once again conjures up a magical moment in which melancholy and euphoria – party mood and thoughtfulness – lie very close together as thematic poles: The future is uncertain. But maybe that doesn’t matter as long as there are constants in life. This single is also based on personal experiences and feelings. Singer and lyricist Martin Wendt found inspiration on a trip to Italy, which had an almost cleansing effect during the leaden Corona period.

Musically, guitarist Christopher Kellner delivers a twangy opening on “Hearts,” with his Chris Isaac influences shining through. After that, the song flies along with more pop-funky bass from Lena Schöllermann and an almost Springsteen-esque swag in Wendt’s vocals, culminating in a driving chorus full of interesting musical ideas. The constant: drummer Christoph Rosemeier holds everything together with a driving beat. In the end, it’s unmistakably HÆCTOR, as always.

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With their debut album “Modern Urban Angst”, which contains ten songs and will be released on June 10, 2022, the four musicians, bassist Lena Schöllermann, singer Martin Wendt, guitarist Christopher Kellner as well as drummer Christoph Rosemeier want to consolidate their career. The band describes their style like this: “monumentally electrifying indie-pop paired with euphoria and melancholy.” The band purposefully relies on grating rhythms and subtly caustic criticism of the times, paired with sympathetic, casual humor and a lot of confidence.


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