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Australian born, London based songwriter/producer Ryan Meeking, creates a unique brand of catchy and cutting-edge indie-pop evoking comparisons to Beck, Jack Garrat and Alt-J.

He demonstrates his ability to bring wide-ranging skills and influences to bear on the art of pop music – and it’s connecting. Inspired by the complexity of relationships between people and their environment and intrigued by the emotional rollercoaster of life, Meeking plays with these concepts, concocting a one-of-a-kind space for each of his songs.

He shares, “Every song I make has its own environment, its own conversation, its own emotion, its own world for exploring. It captures a moment in time – arriving as lyrics, sound and mood at once. One chance to connect.”

Meeking’s latest single “Better!” narrates two people who’ve always been friends, but often flirted with being more. Finally accepting the truth that they’ve always been better together and letting go of their fear, the track is an uplifting anthem, described as the musical equivalent of a street party. “Better!” also touches on the idea of not wasting time, as well as the underlying longing and frustration Meeking was feeling being separated from friends and family during lockdowns.

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He explains, “Because the pandemic made for such great stimuli, I realised every songwriter was probably going to write about it in some way. So I promised myself I wouldn’t directly address it. Instead, I used it as a way to inform my perspective – especially on things I’d always taken for granted.”

“Better!” allowed Meeking’s soul to escape for a moment and romp through the ether unencumbered. The songwriter confides, “I was in a very strong mood at the time, wanting to let out a lot of pent-up energy, like a captive tiger pacing the cage perimeter. Better! opened the gate.”

Adorned in a sonic tapestry of clever production, “Better!” showcases Meeking’s ability to push the boundaries. Featuring feel-good, sunshine melodies, playful instrumentation and smooth, honey-toned vocals, the irresistible track is sure to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

Emerging in 2021, Rolling Stone AU described Meeking’s debut solo single as, “A blissful slice of indie-pop,” declaring, “Endless Run showcases exactly why Ryan Meeking is one of Australia’s best-kept musical secrets.” A well-kept secret indeed, Meeking’s credits include working alongside artists such as Gossling and Whitaker, the latter seeing his songs in popular TV productions including Suits, So You Think You Can Dance US and Teen Wolf. Having toured across Australia, the US and UK, Meeking’s music has racked up millions of streams across platforms. With more on the horizon for Ryan Meeking, now is a good time to be watching.


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