The smooth theme, solid build on instrumentation, lo-fi textures and sound effects, and analogue processing to describe a song idea started on a rainy evening.

it’s a road trip by night where you can observe all the details flowing from one side of the window to the other in a reflective mood, sometimes mysterious, sometimes melancholy


Massimo Costa is an Italian producer, songwriter and audio engineer. He graduated from Italy at SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering) in 2002. For the past 20 years, he has been working for major Italian television broadcast networks as a post-production audio engineer and sound designer.

In 2007, he also started his own career as a music producer, working primarily for production music libraries delivering a variety of commercials, pop, electronic and dance projects, as well as undertaking his own assignments as an audio engineer. His new adventure, Cosmolite, started in 2019, as an experimental journey into sonic atmospheres, with a focus on hip hop, lo-fi, chill vibes and a mix of other genres’ sound influences.