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Amie Jay is a London-based Alternative Pop artist, whose music is raw, honest and packed with authentic experience.

She has recently teamed up with production duo Marble Empire and producer Joe Reeves to experiment more with meshing different genres, stepping away from her usual downtempo, acoustic-inspired works to create her debut EP, Cancer Sun.

From age 5, Amy was inspired by lyricism and poetry and began songwriting. Once she gained a guitar, she began combining these melodies with musical ideas. Both a singer and a dancer, Amy studied both subjects at University and stuck around to pursue her passion for storytelling through music. Now working in music marketing, she has built on her first-hand experience in the industry to grow and improve as an artist.

Cancer Sun explores each stereotype of Jay’s zodiac sign, pulling apart every element that makes up who she is, with irony, brutal honesty and accountability. Each track navigates different genres, ranging from high-energy indie pop-rock (previously released Unashamed) to wistful alternative folk singer-songwriter (Start Again).

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This self-reflective work covers personal traits such as rage, people-pleasing, sentimentality and resilience, taking the listener on a journey through the turbulence of a young girl in her 20s trying to navigate life.


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