‘Embrace all’ is meant to open the listener’s imagination and invite them into an exploration of self-expression.

The usage of non-routine instruments and spectacular melodies full of space are taking the listener into a new world of creativeness. It’s about the artist’s sincerity in bringing out everything that’s trapped inside. This is from an intense period where Zorana was rethinking her life and needed to face past burdens she was still carrying. The creation of this song is a reflection of the process by which she pulled herself from the depression, anger, grief, and self-sabotage she was putting on herself.

Becoming her own cheerleader, Zorana imagined her future self and what she would say if she saw her now. Her future self is happier and wiser and is able to send her positive affirmations to move on from that which was pulling her back. This image of a better self enabled her to create an outlet for new creativity and playfulness. To lift the veil of a heavy period of past trauma and look beyond it.

This is why the song starts with uncertainty and emotional turmoil to later turns into a message of hope, light, and love.

In a serendipitous event songwriter Zorana and music producer Milan found each other. While working on the song Zorana shared a snippet on social media. Milan was instantly enamoured with the promise of this new musical world and they reconnected. Especially when Zorana’s effort in production didn’t result in the best possible version, it was Milan’s expertise that gives the final version its ethereal quality.


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