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“You’re more than a pretty suit!” – with which the song draws attention to our crooked world, full of discriminative gender stereotypes in “Don’t You Worry Boy”, a song collab between The Anahit and Zsüd.

Zsüd, with her electro-pop project, is always keen on drawing elements into her music from a wide range of genres, and since the very same can be said about The Anahit, it was never really a question but a matter of time till they release music together. They go way back, when the tho songwriters/producers met, Zsüd asked Rita if she could give her some songwriting tips, and then they became colleagues when Rita started hosting songwriting classes in improv music school, so to their own account it’s a mystery why they didn’t collaborate sooner.

The tune “Don’t you worry Boy” turns the stereotypes and old-timey standards of the man-woman relationship upside-down. The Lyrics are funny and ironic – it plays with a bunch of stereotypical sentences, all of which would be told by a man to a woman – what should you wear, what time are you going to be home, don’t cry, it just doesn’t suit you – but in this song, the sexes are flipped around, making all these sentences being said by a woman to a man.

“To be honest, I don’t really find myself to be a feminist character, but when we were throwing ideas around with Rita, these things were a common point in both of our lives, so we decided to go towards this direction” – says Zsüd about the song.

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Rita, recalling the songwriting process said:

”We were in great harmony, so the process was quite flawless and very organic. We were just throwing lines at each other and finished the lyrics in about 1-2 hours, it felt flawless.”

The music video certainly shines a spotlight on the meaning of the lyrics, showing them in a more extreme, yet ironic context. The concept of the clip came from Zsüd, who admittedly quite likes to direct and produce her own music videos since she feels that this way she really gets to show the atmosphere of the song in a different dimension and send a broader message. To achieve this, they had an old friend at hand, András Hajba DOP (Director of Photography), who had worked with both performers before, so he knew what the expectations were and as always, delivered.

Both productions wanted to emphasise the message of the song, but they wanted it with some humour involved of course, so the guys of The Anahit were not difficult at all to be sold on starring in the music video.

“One thing that’s great in our band is that the guys are quite open and easy to get along with, so we didn’t need to convince them to appear in the clip with us, they loved the concept and couldn’t wait for the shoot! They brought along all their humour and patience to the shooting and performed brilliantly as always!” – says Rita.


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