MARS 88 is a French musical composer/dj with the Future Beats touch, his spacey, airy, dark and dynamic universe really defines his sound.

Founder of GVLVXY, initially formed in 2011. He offers us a more personal and intimate version of his musical vision.
Inspired by multiple sources of arts, like fashion, he found his musical identity through artists like Timbaland, WONDAGURL, Kaytranada, Pharell Williams and Ryan Leslie He is present on GVLVXY’s discography and released his first solo debut EP « ROOM 205 » in 2021.

In 2017, first known as « REYMARS » found an interest in DJing. This fresh passion leads him to perform in clubs in Paris, opening shows with artists like Gunna & Che-Lingo and as of today, he follows Sika Deva as his DJ.

MARS 88 considers music as a white sheet where he finds refuge to express in abundance his vision, curiosity, his emotions and his creativity. In order to create a musical experience from a mixture of varied moods and genres to make his art timeless, from his own perspective.