English and French version, Bantunani presents his forthcoming new Cosmogony album..coming soon in September. Let’s dig into this amazing electro swing and funky track, Pigalle Swing: this song works … with a rhythm that drags everything, which transports you to a world of percussion and with a very strong sound of old jazz or jass.

There are parts that are close to ethnic and r & b, and add value to the project. A really nice combination of genres and style. And if the dance was crazy, When Paris was a party In the success of the title Next Generation, on the way to becoming an anthem on the radios. Bantunani, in this short film clip, immerses us in the Paris of the Moulin Rouge, between the 1930s and our days, bringing back to life the voice of Fréhel, the unforgettable forgotten, for an adaptation of his title ‘Mes Amants’ on a groovy beat, at the crossroads of hip-hop and swing. Between jazz cabaret, crazy streets and amorous pursuits, we let ourselves be taken in by this frenetic seduction where desire, betrayal and dance mingle.

Et si la danse était folle, dans un Paris sans cesse en Fête Dans le succès du titre Next Generation, en passe de devenir un hymn sur les radios. Bantunani, dans ce clip court métrage, nous plonge dans le Paris du Moulin Rouge, entre les années 30 et nos jours, redonnant vie à la voix de Fréhel, l’inoubliable oubliée, pour une adaption de son titre ‘Où sont tous Mes Amants’ sur un beat groovy, à la croisée du hiphop et du swing.

Entre cabaret jazz, rues folles et poursuites amoureuses, on se laisse prendre à cette séduction frénétique où se mêlent désir, trahison et danse.


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