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Felix and Isy started jamming together at the end of 2021 after meeting at an open mic.

After excellent flow and writing a bunch of demos together they received a Regional Arts Development Fund to funnel their new work into their debut EP and became Comfort Royale.

Combined, Felix Sampson and Isabelle Reynaud have over a decade of experience working in the arts and this new project highlights both their strengths in winning the hearts of their hometown Townsville. So much so that they will be supporting Triple J supported festival Day Trip with Spacey Jane, Alice Ivy, Vera Blue, Winston Surfshirt, Benson and more.

Felix is a professional contemporary dancer in Dancenorth and DJ whilst Isabelle has her solo project Isadoré where she has been writing and producing for a number of years for herself and others. In the very short time, they have been together their sound is already tight, and catchy and has already created much excitement placing them in lineups with Lime Cordiale, Haiku Hands, Thelma Plum and Kee’ahn.

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‘I’ll Do Anything’ will be the first song to be released by Comfort Royale. This song has the perfect amount of crowd-jumping energy mixed with a groove that will make you close your eyes and sway.

“It evokes doses of nostalgia with a modern feel.”

It’s a song that makes you reflect on your fondest memories whilst making exciting new ones all at once. It’s about finding the strength to make the positive changes you need to move forward in your life. The chorus will make you scream at the top of your lungs and the verses will stay in your brain in the best way possible. Grab your most comfortable dancing shoes and enjoy!


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