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Scott Oliphant has a lot of big thoughts and ideas in his head. His extensive conceptual process produces narrative tracks that speak earnestly, especially within the songs he makes as The Color Study.

It was a trend he started with the project’s self-titled debut, and it’s one discontinuing their upcoming album
Future-Past-Present Tense. While the band’s eponymous debut record was consciously mired by the sadness of relationship loss, Future-Past-Present Tense takes a turn for the headier and existentially philosophical, though still in some aspect or another touching on the impact interpersonal relationships can leave. He began pondering the dynamics of these connections – how even the slightest interactions have the potential to change the course of one’s life, how one will live and how one may, or may not, experience love in life. That’s how the album title itself came to be, serving as a mini grammatical roadmap for how an interaction that hasn’t even come to be yet could affect who you are in the present, and how you’ll remember your past.

The record’s title track is most indicative of these sentiments, zeroing in on how interconnectedness can bring chaos into one’s life. Slow acoustics and horns steadily build up into an explosion of sound, much like reaching the a-ha moment of the impression a person or situation has made on you.

“How many times have we met?/ How many lines are running parallel and never connect?” Oliphant lyrically questions mere seconds into the song. Everyone’s answer will be different, but the resonance is the same – whether or not you believe in fate, destiny or serendipity, you never know who or what might change your life.

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The Color Study is led by Scott Oliphant and features Melissa Atillo on keys and vocals, MattJackson on bass, Miguel Mendoza on horns, Andy Jacobs on drums and vocals and SteveReinhardt on lead guitar.


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