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Caitlynne Curtis started singing when she was 3 years old. She fondly remembers, “I used to sing to my grandma.” When she was 6 her mom put her in voice lessons.

The minute she got her first solo she said, “It’s like I knew from then on that music is what I wanted to do.” Her parents moved her whole family down to Nashville from Massachusetts when she was twelve so that she could pursue music. After receiving a heartbreaking rejection from X Factor at the tender age of 16, Caitlynne thought she blew her chance at being a singer, but she never really gave up.

Her life took a detour when she had her son at 19. Selling cars to support herself and her son, she would record covers of songs on her Instagram as a small way to keep her dream alive. Fortunately, the stars aligned and the right person came along to change everything. Now, thirteen years after moving to Nashville, Caitlynne is realizing her dream.

Signed to Angels & Outlaws, an independent label spearheaded by rapper Struggle Jennings, she released her first full-length album early in 2021. Her single “I Will Survive” is an autobiographical narrative of Curtis transforming her life for the better and finding a newfound purpose in being a mom to her new son. Her new track “Mood Swings” is a song about love, relationships and the ups and downs we all face in life.

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