Leyla Diamondi is ready to stir new energy into the UK’s music scene, effortlessly combining piano ballad elements with pop influences to create her own pristine musical stamp.

With only a few years of music under her belt, the 23-year-old has proven herself to be an impactful force in the industry, having helped raise over £80,000 for the WARchild Charity.

Diamondi has gained recognition by the likes of Warner Bros, BBC Radio London, BBC Introducing, UK Health Radio, LGR, BBC 6MUSIC, COYA Mayfair, Boxpark Wembley, Werkhaus London and Hotel Chocolat.

This ongoing impetus also rushes through ‘Broken Pieces’ where Diamondi’s vocals undeniably hold full control throughout. Packed in pathos, they ooze in a magnetic divergence of vulnerability and resilience. To complement this rendition, a seemingly hidden arrangement germinates through the cracks to reveal vivid layers which daintily take the spotlight, especially upon a second listen.

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Behind the frailty of ‘Broken Pieces’ lies grand power. Leyla Diamondi uses her intuitive gift for music to promote significance – every one of her songs is filled with substance and carries intent. Shedding light on growth and seeking to encourage unity over division, Diamondi is making a dent in the industry as an indispensable power source.


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