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Braden Lam here, Canadian indie-folk artist, sharing the new single I co-wrote with Jordan Coaker of Newfoundland duo Quote The Raven. “white dress” is about attending your best friend’s wedding, but wishing that you were the one marrying them. Oof! This is a heavy hitter of unrequited love and allowing yourself to fantasize one last time.

This is part two of the video series that began with “don’t let go.” We pick up the story a little later when the main character has been invited to their ex’s wedding. They drive up to the church in their beloved red car and contemplate going inside. Conflicted, they spring into a choreographed dance full of tension and emotion before their ex appears like a ghost for one final ‘last dance.’

The song is a grieving of what’s been lost: love that was never reciprocated. Now, after being released from the power held over them, they can commit to a way forward without that person in their life.

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