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Edinburgh leftfield pop duo Slim Wrist are set to release their spell-binding debut album, Closer For Comforting, a delightful electronic number, which strips the art of songwriting bare and leaves you with everything you need.

Written over the past two years, Closer For Comforting begins on a pop tilt with ‘Amends’ and dreamy recent BBC Introducing Scotland Track of the Week ‘The Soft’, before branching into the reflective beauty of tracks like ‘New Quiet’ and ‘Folds’.

The propulsive ‘Details’ brings us into album closer ‘Half Light’, which contemplates new perspectives, following an album that muses on the relationship between concern and control through vocalist Fern Morris’ serene delivery.

Slim Wrist (FKA Super Inuit) are Fern Morris and Brian Pokora. Their assertive beats and organic tones combine pop sensibilities with an understated poignancy. Their music has drawn comparisons to the likes of the Cocteau Twins as well as Portishead, Broadcast and Sylvan Esso.

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The duo started making music together in 2016 and has evolved from having separate musical roles to becoming a more collaborative and cohesive unit, sharing ideas and developing them together.

Brian: “We’ve developed quite a direct approach to writing and with Closer for Comforting we’ve really tried to hone that, stripping back on the sprawl of some of our earlier music. All the songs have a purpose and the album feels quite concise, whilst still having room to breathe.”

Fern: “It’s a bit of a calm after the storm reflection, both musically and lyrically. If you’re in the middle of a situation you’re not always able to lift your head and see things in perspective. We wanted to have a sense of that and have that sense of space whilst maintaining that direct, poppy feel.”


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