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Navigating between a somewhat dark guitar groove and strong synthesizer-led choruses, Mardros unveils his baritone voice to talk about our place in modern society, particularly our relationship to freedom and the commodification of it, in other words, voluntary servitude.

As the song progresses, he urges the listener to start conceiving things through another angle, refusing the dominant narrative that we are being served. The dramatic structure and the increase in momentum in the song make the listener remain expectant during the development of the track, avoiding the previously used elements falling into the recursive. Blending organic elements and synths that take you to the gut, this piece is a rich emotional journey that aims to transport the listener while being questioned.

‘Pink Like The Sea’ is from Mardros first EP ‘The Great Circus’, due for release on the 11th of November 2022. It is an invitation to board a special kind of journey, the body being the spaceship, and the heart the captain of the crew.

Based in Paris, Mardros meticulously crafts his sound on his own. Inspired by artists like Pink Floyd, Nicolas Jaar or M83, but also by the grand feeling conveyed by classical music, he merges those inspirations to create a compelling soundscape in which one is invited to lose itself. Mardros is driven by the will to immerse the listener in order to touch them to the core, much like his idols did to him.

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His name is a tribute to his country of origin: Armenia. On top of singing and playing the guitar and the keyboard, Mardros also plays the duduk, a traditional Armenian instrument with a sound that will break your heart. A true cry of rage, but also an ode to the beauty of things and a call to resistance, Mardros’s music is the S.O.S. of an earthling in distress but who does not give up.


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