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Alternative indie singer/songwriter Varas has arrived with his mesmerising new release ‘New Light’ out now with TEN Music Group.

The single, written and produced by Varas, is his first release since his EP ‘Set One’ dropped back in 2020. This is the first taste from his upcoming sophomore EP, scheduled for release in early 2023.

The emotional alt-pop song is an honest slow-burner detailing the frustrations of timings in life are less than ideal and in turn, forcing you to see yourself in a new light. Slightly melancholic, the single starts off tentatively, before morphing into a boppy, candid yet catchy tale.

Candied keys and a heart monitor of a bassline pack reflective verses with vivacity, the serenity of such counterbalancing crescendoing synths that make it feel as though Varas is fighting a star-crossed reality with all his might. The escalation reaches its zenith midway through, with the gorgeous instrumental work momentarily coming to a halt. The standalone synths feel like they’re reverberating through an empty colosseum, piercing like shards of glass as Varas is left with the realisation that he can’t let go.

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The accompanying video shows Varas alone, with a brightly lit orb in the background as he sings sincerely and earnestly about the perils of being unsure of who you really are and questioning your own identity. Simplistic and engaging, the video complements the track perfectly.

Speaking of the new single, Varas said: “‘New Light’ got created out of surprise and by getting to know new sides of myself. It was equally scary and relieving when I realised I’d always replace myself with another me. I was convinced the person I identified as was a constant thing, a solid rock. I change each year and each day.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’ve convinced myself into a certain direction, all it takes is romances, friendships, losing and getting jobs, letting go of dreams or creating new ones to lose the sense of it. It’s dumb. But don’t get me wrong, it’s a positive and vital ability. Although when I think about it, scratch what I said. It could also just be a song about falling in love at the wrong time. Ask me again tomorrow!”

Benjamin Muñoz Varas is a self-taught producer, singer and songwriter that goes under the moniker Varas. The promising 25-year-old has carved out his own expression in which each song has the melodies to pull you in on the first listen and leave a mark on you. Combined with an aesthetic that syncs well with Gen-Z, he brings something fresh and exciting to the contemporary indie scene.

With roots in Chile, Varas grew up in a small town called Götene in Sweden. At the age of 12, he started to play the guitar after being introduced to Led Zeppelin by his father who at the time worked as a choreographer and dancer participating in various musicals. Varas’ desire to be on stage was clear from an early age.

Musically, Varas deals in short, solid, almost-pop songs, but pop songs that aren’t afraid to stray into unexpected areas, and take influences from classic 70s rock, punk, hip-hop, jazz, and soul. His signature sound reflects that of a multifaceted artist with references ranging all the way from Queen to Rolling Stones to Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams.


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