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Nahotchan is a French Modern’Folk group born in 2012.

Nahotchan, [ké][Za][Ko] is a Japanese first name, it comes from the book that Jeanne’s mother read to her when she was little. It’s the story of a little girl who goes camping for the first time and

“who wants to do everything like the grown-ups”.

Behind this character borrowed from the book, we find Adventure, with a capital A, combined with its joys and its pitfalls, its maxims and its sorrows.

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Nahotchan’s journey suddenly becomes a musical experience where their “Modern’Folk” is told through different soundscapes. At the heart of this trio, vocal harmonies are both light and powerful, largely inspired by the Staveley-Taylor sisters (The Staves) and a pronounced taste for the melancholy melodies of Indie-Folk classics like Moriarty.


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