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‘Planet Of Soul’ delivers a beautifully crafted piece of electronic pop that radiates powerful energy.

A deep bassline plunges us into a parallel universe. We are treated to woozy electronics swirling against layers of intricate beat-work, as the artist’s deep robotic vocal reflects how our behaviours impact our planet

Ichinchilla said about the single “The song lyrics represent a paean to liberty with a subtle longing for a simpler existence. It’s about longing for a better planet, a kinder planet. It’s written from the perspective of being in space and looking back and thinking what have we done, our planet is in turmoil.

The Baritone chant of: ‘There is a planet patrol, there is a planet called soul’ sounds almost mantra-like. Even though I wrote this track a few years ago now, the sentiment is stronger than ever. We used as few sounds as possible since a super pared-back track works so well electronically….It was quite a process. Ultimately, it’s dance music with a message embedded rather than just a catchphrase.

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Ichinchilla aka Patrick Wright started his music career in the late 90s by answering an advert in NME, which led to meeting John Griffin, Soul 2 Soul’s Jazzy B’s engineer. Their collaboration led them to the creation of Ichinchilla’s debut album ‘Zulu Landing’. The record went on to secure vinyl distribution with Rough Trade as well as sync deals with award-winning film ‘Lost Angelas’ and soon to be released Indie movie featuring Gregory Peck’s son in his first role: ‘Eurotrash’. The only single to be released from the album was the underground dance hit ‘RECORD PLAYER’ in 2005 which also led to deal discussions with Sony Records and London Records.


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