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Italian-based rock quartet Close But No Cigar is out with their new single after their first EP last year.

Produced in a small studio in their hometown, debut EP “The Dance of Venus” has served as a foundation for their modern rock sound.

Following this path, this brand-new tune consolidates such sound, giving it a more “straightforward” feeling. Contrary to their previous works, the band has decided to “keep it simple” and went back to the fundamentals of rock music. This resulted in a work that might remind the listener of Biffy Clyro and Royal Blood.

“Tokyo reflects on the struggles one must endure achieving a goal. When the line looks so far away that it seems almost impossible, like getting to Tokyo, on the other side of the world. The song also reflects on how society imposes its standards and suffocates people’s dreams, leading them to anxiety and psychosis. When society stands against you and the only choice you have is to fight or flight”.

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