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With electronic sounds that build up and layering female vocals, the song gives a powerful ethereal vibe.

The song was converted to 528hz (aka the miracle tone) which is supposedly believed to have beneficial effects on the body and mind. It was released right after her song “Gotta Gotta”, which was more energetic; showing the contrast in her writing. “For Eternity” came out of nowhere without notice; almost like a surprise track.

Lyrically she experimented with multiple melodies, with words reminding us that we are all unique, of the world we live in, & what we leave behind.

Danielle Patoir is a female singer-songwriter-musician who has been writing songs most of her life. Although the guitar has been her main instrument (besides vocals), she dabbles with everything and is getting more and more into electronic sounds. She has quite a lot of material out there but has been focusing on making better-quality songs and likes to think she is at a different level than where she was before.

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Most of her songs aim to have positive lyrics and to wake people up; ideally, they feel the beat. She still has a lot of songs to let out and plans to release an album within the next year.


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