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Dating has always been referred to as a “game,” and while games can be fun, they can also be exhausting.

“Waste My Time” was heavily influenced by my sister’s first breakup, as well as the many misgivings our friends have about dating in the digital age.

The song’s lyrics speak to the feelings of fear and reservation in the beginning stages of a relationship. Wanting to protect yourself before getting too invested, and asking for open and honest communication before putting your heart on the line.

I’ve always found myself drawn by these large-sounding songs in shoegaze and dream pop. I love feeling lost inside of the music, where you can pick out individual elements while simultaneously being unable to comprehend them all at once.

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Sonically, we strive to blend these elements with very pop-driven melodies and lyrics, which can be rather fussy at times. On “Waste My Time,” I like to think we struck a delicate balance between the two.


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