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French DJ and electronic musician Tony Bouilly produces synth wave / retro wave electro under the alias ANYMEN, a made-up word which symbolizes the energy and impact that any man can bring to the global equation, no matter where they come from.

Tony was born in Chartres, France in 1987, and he began listening to electronic dance music as a teenager. He began experimenting with hardware synthesizers and started tracks after he moved to Paris in 2008.

He debuted with the techno music project working and remixing house music pioneers like many more, touring in underground clubs and festivals around the world, and performing in cities like Chicago, Amsterdam, Brasilia, Paris and New York.

Tony’s breakthrough year proved to be 2021 when he started his new project ANYMEN through the album ‘Voyager’ deeply influenced by his 90’s childhood alongside talented singers and instrumentalists like Numa and released his studio album video performance ‘Voyager 2021’.

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