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Reed Blue is a multi-talented artist who has been honing his craft for over two decades in the underground music scene.

He got his start in Hip Hop, but soon found himself drawn to the experimental sounds of trip-hop in the 1990s. However, it wasn’t until 1997 that he truly discovered his passion for electronic music. Since then, he has been on a never-ending journey of experimentation and exploration, resulting in a unique and distinct style of music that defies easy categorization.


At the core of Reed Blue’s music is a love of noise. His compositions are filled with home-made sounds that are somehow all related, adding a touch of originality to the electronic, noise, ambient, abstract, and IDM genres he explores. Whether with or without vocals, his music has the ability to transport the listener to a different place, evoking a range of emotions and encouraging both movement and introspection.

Reed Blue’s work has been recognized by several independent record labels, including Seven Scales Records in Switzerland and Anima Pharm in Sweden. These labels have helped to bring his music to a wider audience, solidifying his reputation as a true innovator in the underground music scene.

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