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Get ready for an electrifying musical experience with The Mercy Stone!

Led by the visionary composer and guitarist, Scott Grady, this band has been defying genre boundaries and delivering songs that are both thought-provoking and deeply emotional. Their debut album, ‘Ghettoblaster,’ received rave reviews, with Progsphere calling it a “tapestry of weird and wonderful musical imagery and a masterwork of composition.” And with their second album, ‘Above the Towers,’ and subsequent singles, they’ve only continued to soar to new heights.

Their music has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and in Clash Magazine, one of the U.K.’s most influential music media outlets. And their latest release, ‘Crash,’ is a modern anthem that blends rock-tinged guitars, subtle electronica, and a transcendent vocal performance by their new lead singer, Mia Licon. This song delivers a catchy, pop-driven punch while filling the heart with a sad, yet beautiful, homage from the songwriter.

Scott Grady shares the emotional story behind ‘Crash’: “This song was created to celebrate the life of a friend who died tragically, just as it seemed that his life was beginning to burst with possibilities as a person and as an artist. He inspired me to think deeply, create passionately, and sometimes act with incredible reckless abandon and stupidity. I will forever love him for all of these things.”

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With influences ranging from Cold War Kids and The Strokes to Arcade Fire and St. Vincent, The Mercy Stone continues to create music that transcends labels and takes you on a journey through the depths of emotion. Don’t miss out on this band’s incredible talent and passion for music.


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